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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Earthquake in Israel this morning

5 on Richter Scale - No Injuries

Haaretz: Near the epicenter of the quake at the northern tip of the Dead Sea, Shmuel Ba'agon of Kibbutz Kalia said, "The feeling was as though the earth had opened up its mouth and we were sliding into the Dead Sea."

Telegraph (UK): Headline: "Israelis flee earthquake"
An tremor has shaken buildings in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. People fled into the streets...
Reuters suddenly gets religion! Headline: Earth tremor shakes Holy Land:
JERUSALEM - An earth tremor has shaken the Holy Land, scattering Israelis and Arabs in panic and sending a reminder of the potential for a destructive quake foreseen by seismologists and biblical prophets.
NOW it's "the Holy Land"
SwissInfo, ABS/CBN News, Phillipines, The Age (Australia)...

JNW News: According to Israel Radio, staff in the Israeli Knesset thought a large bomb had gone off, and left their meeting rooms to gather in the building's corridors.

The station reported that an engineering crew discovered a crack in the ceiling of the Knesset plenum, "directly above the table at which cabinet ministers sit." The quake occurred half an hour before they were scheduled to take their seats.

At the top of the Cabinet's agenda right now is the question of unilaterally pulling all Jews out of the Gaza Strip and handing it over to the Palestinians


After a minor earthquake registering 5 on the Richter scale, was felt throughout the land of Israel, the only visible damage that has thus been reported are cracks in the Knesset wall and foundation. The most visible cracks are in Sharon's office.
Sharon hears not the warnings of his military experts. Sharon does not pay much attention to public opinion or to the basic security needs of Israel. Sharon ignores the Biblical prohibition against surrendering G-d given Jewish land. The Rabbis and the people of Israel remain silent.

Instead of us shaking the Knesset and shaking the heavens to rid us of the tyrants who continue to sell out Israel, we wait for miracles and signs from Heaven. Well, here is a sign for the mystical nation that waits for Divine signs. The walls and very foundation of the Knesset were exclusively singled out in this rare earthquake. Will this shake up Sharon? Will this shake up the nation of Israel?

Every Jew in the Holy Land felt the earth shake under their feet. Let us remember and not forget that feeling. Wake up and do something now. It is in our hands to stop Sharon from implementing his political earthquake that threatens the very foundation and existence of the Jewish state.

We propose here a simple and modest program of survival for the land of Israel.

"No to surrendering Jewish land! No to expelling Jews from their homes."

Expel the Arabs instead so that we can restore peace and internal security. Expel the Arab enemies so that our economy can recover from the billions of dollars lost due to Arab terrorism. Expel the Arabs - so that we could live as free Jews in a Jewish state.

One good thing has come of Sharon's suicidal unilateral surrender plan. Nobody can call the Kahanists and Israeli realists "racist" anymore for advocating the expulsion of our Arab enemies. If it is kosher for Sharon to babble about expelling and displacing Jews from their homes then it is no less kosher to speak of throwing out the modern day Nazis who thrive on Jewish blood.

It is these simple words of sanity, perhaps the only blueprint of survival for Israel that needs to be plastered up throughout the land. Everyone who felt the shaking of the ground under their feet needs to read these words and to hear the only proposal that could save Israel today.

To support the printing and distribution of this message in millions of copies, to every mailbox and billboard in Israel, please send a generous contribution to Homeland Initiative - 1403 44th Street PMB 29, Brooklyn NY 11219