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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Egyptian government daily legitimizes suicide bombings

even if children are killed
The new MEMRI Special Dispatch translates and quotes an editorial in the Egyptian government daily Al-Masaa, the point of which is that the Palestinians shouldn't publish the names of the "martyrs" (since this seems to result in their getting their houses demolished). The quotes reveal some mind-boggling assumptions:
"We have no argument regarding the question of the legitimacy of these operations, because they are considered a powerful weapon used by the Palestinians against an enemy with no morality or religion, [an enemy] who has deadly weapons prohibited by international law, that is not deterred from using them against the defenseless Palestinian people.

"Even if during [a martyrdom operation] civilians or children are killed – the blame does not fall upon the Palestinians, but on those who forced them to turn to this modus operandi.

"Ultimately, we should bless every Palestinian man or woman who goes calmly to carry out a martyrdom operation, in order to receive a reward in the Hereafter, sacrificing her life for her religion and her homeland and knowing that she will never return from this operation.
This from a country with whom Israel has a "peace treaty."

On that note, I really am going shopping.