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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Follow-up on Denver sign

Protest went well
The protest against the sign at the Loveway Pentecostal Church in Denver was slightly anticlimactic -- by the time we all got there, some heroic Jewish lady had gone and gotten herself a ladder, climbed up and took the word "JEW" off the sign. By the time the protest began, the sign said

The crowd of about 150 seemed equally Jewish and Christian. It was peaceful, and the Christians who spoke were very supportive of the Jewish people. The whole thing was short and sweet, and there was lots of media attention. My friend Raz Telchai, director of Boulder's Jewish Identity Center, was there, and they just showed him on the local FoxNews channel tonight, saying, "I will not be silent." That's the bottom line.

I understand from the news that after we left, the church changed the wording on their sign to something much more innocuous. If it happens in your town, don't be silent. Hate (and hateful signs) are not acceptable . . . no matter what's playin' at the movies.
Kol hakavod to Jeff Auerbach and Neil Dobro in Denver for immediately organizing an opportunity for our voices to be heard, and Gd bless that lady for taking direct action!

The ADL et al should learn from this that they can (and should) trust the Jewish community they are meant to represent. I'm glad they issued statements and were interviewed by the New York Times, but it was a caring, outraged and courageous individual Jew who took the sign down. One person can make a difference. And 150 Jews and Christians, gathered togethered, also made a difference. That rally was very much "in the best interests of the Jewish community"... and the Christian community, and Denver in general. My 18-year-old son said it made him feel so much better to know that we are not alone. My deep gratitude to everyone who showed up there tonight.