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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Israeli media excited

Arutz Sheva: Some of the largest media outlets in Israel are tripping over themselves in their rush to report on an "imminent" evacuation of Gaza - so much so that today's front pages of the two leading papers, usually clones of each other, herald diametrically opposing scenarios.

Yediot Acharonot, Israel's largest paper, blares out, "Israel Will Not Destroy the Communities to be Evacuated," adding that Arab refugees will be able to live in the houses that remain. This is followed by a two-page spread of homes in Gush Katif with a large caption, "Gush Katif Before the Evacuation," and sub-headlined, "The luxurious villas and factories in the settlements won't be destroyed after the retreat."

Maariv, on the other hand, which also contains several references on its first three pages implying the certainty of a retreat, evacuation, and expulsion from Jewish Gaza, has a totally different headline: "We Will Destroy Every House and Greenhouse in the Withdrawal," it reads, quoting a source "close to Sharon."

Staffers in the Prime Minister's Bureau say that neither of the two reports have any basis.