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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Isralert on the Earthquake in Israel

Experts have been warning for years that Israel is due for another major earthquake in the coming years or decades. Earthquake scholar Dr. Ron Avni of Be'er Sheva University told Arutz-7's Moshe Priel that the feared quake could reach 7 on the Richter scale - releasing well over 900 times more energy than today's shake. "It's true," Avni said, "that Israel started, a few years ago, to prepare for a quake, including plans to strengthen threatened buildings, but unfortunately the work has stopped."

The prophet Zechariah foretells a cataclysmic earthquake in the Land of Israel when the Messiah comes to the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem. The mountain shall be split down the middle from east to west, forming an enormous valley to which people shall flee.
And this from Imshin in Israel:
You know, in the first split second you can't quite grasp it. Is my desk MOVING? And then you start to realize you aren't imagining things, and it's not the rabbi, in the office on the floor above you, moving furniture. Your desk really is moving. Moving?! Shaking like nobody's business! And your computer, and the walls, and the windows, and the floor. And shaking, and shaking, and shaking. They said it was only few seconds but it felt like about two minutes. It went on and on. I actually had time to ring Bish and discuss the situation with his secretary, before she got hysterical and dived under the table (they're on the twelfth floor). You suddenly know exactly what it's like to be living your whole life on the back of a sleeping monster that is just starting to wake up. I mean, if even the ground under your feet isn't stable any more, what the hell is?
Yeah, really.