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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Left-wing horsesh*t

I was reading Daniel Pipes' opinion at the Jerusalem Post: Hizbullah's victory, Israel's decline,
when I saw this picture:

The Yellow Wind
Photo: AP
I thought to myself, as anyone would, what in the hell is "the yellow wind"?
So I searched GoogleNews, and got only this one hit:
Israel's David Grossman Serves Up a YA Novel
Village Voice, NY - Jan 20, 2004
... He posed the problem explicitly in 1988's The Yellow Wind, a journalistic account
of the many costs of the occupation that is, depressingly, as fresh and ...
It's a review of Israeli David Grossman's new book, and it begins like this:
"Well before Ariel Sharon undertook with brutal literal-mindedness to erect a wall separating Israel from the territories it occupies, David Grossman was building an extraordinary literary opus..."
and ends with this:
"You know it's somehow less than honest, but also that the lies it tells, it tells out of love."
This last line struck me between the eyes, as frighteningly indicative of how low the Left has sunk: Lies are okay, as long as they're told "out of love."

So much for my curiosity about something called Yellow Wind (though I do still wonder what a "YA novel" is). But do go and read the Pipes piece. It's very depressing yet refreshingly true:
ISRAEL'S reputation and standing undergo severe damage from this signal of demoralization and vulnerability. Listen to Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, on the [prisoner] exchange, seeing in it another proof "that the evil Zionist regime is defeatable by the strong wills and concrete faiths of the Mujahedeen of Islam."
with or without love . . . I'll take the truth anytime.