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Thursday, February 12, 2004

LGF: Daniel Pipes at UC Berkeley

Charles Johnson has the most mind-blowing story at LGF. You have to read it. . . it strains the imagination. A man like Daniel Pipes cannot even be heard at a public university in America. There was apparently "jeering, giggling, hissing, booing, and finally the orchestrated chanting of "racist" and "Zionist," (among other things). . . a shouting and clapping match between Muslims and Jews."

Comments #27 and #28 from people who were there:
"Observer" - I was at the event. Many people could not get in because the auditorium was full with those whose main purpose was to disrupt the lecture and eventually leave.

Pipes handled himself beautifully, never lost his composure in the face of this uncivilized behavior and just mocked their hypocricy. When a speaker gets booed for criticizing militant Islam, you know there's something wrong. I expected this reaction going into the event, having spent a lot of time on campus, but the circus put on by these clowns exceeded my expectations. One 'liberal' began interupting before Pipes said one word, and this continued till the vast majority of them left the lecture hall.

"TempestMan" - Well, I was there, too, and here is an excerpt of some of a long essay I wrote to send to my friends and family about the affair who wanted to know what I had seen:

Without discussing Mr. Pipes' talk too much, I do feel a need to comment on the audience. As one might expect, the protestors could not control themselves and there were numerous outbursts and other such disruptions. Whenever the word "Islam" was spoken by Mr. Pipes for any reason, the protestors were set off to chant various cliched slogans or calling Mr. Pipes a racist. Slogans included such gems as, "Zionism is racism," "Death to Zionism," "Israel out of Palestine," and even one exclamation that Orthodox Judaism was the equivalent of Nazism. The last time I checked and as silly as I personally think Orthodox Judaism is, the sect is not violent nor does it seek to force its will on others by violent means. Supporters consistently tried to calm the disruptors down through mild admonishments such as, "Let him speak," or "Please be quiet." or "Please sit down." Usually and expectedly, this did not work and one of more protestors had to be escorted out.

As the talk progressed to the Arab-Israeli conflict, various audience members would rise up to denounce Mr. Pipes. Again, they chanted "Racist," "Zionist," etc. Mr. Pipes claimed (and I agree with him) that diplomacy in this situation has failed and should no longer even be attempted as it will only be counterproductive. He correctly placed the onus of the failure of The Oslo accords of 1993 completely on Arafat and the "Palestinans" (the protestors did not like hearing that). The documented facts show that Israel made concession after concession in accordance with the agreement while the "Palestinians" ignored their obligations (namely to recognize Israel's right to exist and to stop attacking it) and used the agreement to rearm themselves and begin an indoctrination of hate and suicide into their culture directed at destroying Israel. Again, many of the protestors could not handle these truths and once again took to disruptive chants, and many were escorted out.

Also, I observed that about 90% of the protestors were young adults probably between 21-25 years of age. What does this say about our young adult population I wonder? I particularly focused on one young man seated 2 rows in front of me. I am unsure of his origins...he appeared to be a mixed type, perhaps from an interracial marriage. He was wearing the typical "Palestinian" scarf and was quite vocal throughout the talk, although it was mainly a reactionary, automated response to anything that he perceived as inflammatory. He mainly screamed "Death to Zionism" and "Zionism is racism" many times as Mr. Pipes was speaking, and called Mr. Pipes a racist over and over again. What occurred to me as I watched him was that this is the sort of person who ensures that this conflict will continue. He is so consumed with hate, racism, and a sheer ignorance that he cannot be changed. The saddest part is that the very racism that he accuses Mr. Pipes (and others no doubt) of harboring describes his very own mindset, but he will never understand that simple truth. How he came to be this way, I cannot say having not known him or how he was raised, but it was quite evident that nothing and no one would ever be able to help him. He will continue to develop into a person who irrationally hates Jews, Israel, and all other ways of life that do not conform to his own narrow views until he mercifully expires. While there is no guarantee, it is certainly within reason to believe that he may one day take up arms against innocent people whose only "crime" is being Jewish or otherwise non-Muslim.
Let this, at the very least, inspire you to subscribe to Daniel Pipes's free weekly email list - top left, above "New Postings." It will give Pipes a lift to see the surge after such a dismal experience, and it will manifest our further determination not to succumb to fear, fascism or dhimmitude.

[Comment] #86 quesnay 2/12/2004 07:35PM PST

My friend Jeff & I were actually at the lecture. We were not at all visibly shaken, as this sort of behaviour was to be expected. What the press did not report was the chanting of "Seig Heil" by the radicals. In fact, I don't think that any of the protesters had actually read Pipes. In fact most of the radicals do not even attend Berkeley. Pipes was great as he did not lose his cool and was very dignified in his responses. In fact, most of the students that we observed on campus seemed more worried about their course load and grades than small cadre of "Brownshirts" that gets more attention than they deserve.