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Sunday, February 15, 2004

On Israel's Release of Hez B'Allah Prisoners

Daniel Pipes:

I was appalled by the deal the Israeli government cut with Hezbollah on Jan. 26, 2004, and expressed this in my column last week on the subject. I offered five reasons against this step, including the prediction that "Some or many of those 429 will again engage in terrorism against Israel." Well, it did not take long for that prediction to be confirmed. "Freed terrorist vows he'll fulfil suicide mission" reads today's The Sunday Times (London) headline.

It tells of Steven Smyrek, 32, a German (and British-educated) would-be terrorist arrested on arrival in Israel in 1997 before he could carry out his suicide mission. Convicted and sentenced to 10-years he jail, he expressed no remorse in court and rejected an offer to serve his time in Germany, preferring to stay among "his people" in Israel's toughest prison. Smyrek reportedly now speaks fluent Arabic and according to the Times, "After living with Palestinian and Lebanese convicts for more than six years, his fundamentalist resolve to die for the cause has hardened."

Smyrek signed a document renouncing violence before he left Israel, but also before leaving Israel announced in an interview on German television interview that
It's an honour to die for Islam and for Allah. When the order comes you have to carry it out and there's no time to ask if there is a God or not, or to think what will happen after you're dead, without feeling you simply have to lay down your life as Allah decreed.
And to think there are now another 428 such extremists on the loose. What were the Israelis thinking when they made this trade? What have they brought on themselves and the rest of us? (February 8, 2004)

Ahmad Nasser, Secy of the Palestinian Legislative Council, interviewed on PA TV Feb. 6:

Nasser: "[Israel] is based on racism, biblical concepts, death, killing and destruction ...."

Nasser (on the exchange of 400 Arab prisoners for one Israeli and three bodies of Israeli soldiers): ". . . We see that Israel is trying to delude the world, and delude the Arabs and the Palestinians psychologically - that one Israeli will be exchanged for a thousand Palestinians. Meaning - Israel is interested in planting among the Palestinian, the Arab or the world the concept of value - the value of a Jew and the value of an Arab. But it is not true..." [Interrupted]

Interviewer: "This concept appears in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that they [the Jews] are at a high level [of existence] and the rest are at a low level."

Nasser: ". . . It [Israel] does all it can to take as many prisoners of war as it can, for example, 10,000 Arab prisoners in exchange for the release of a hundred [Israeli] prisoners of war. By this, Israel is trying to put a value on an Arab and a value on an Israeli or Jew . . . Israel is an aggressive country, a racist country, an ideologically hostile country, which hates all the goyim, all the foreigners. Israel is a Satanic offspring."