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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Oy Vey, Habitat International Coalition is Anti-Israel?

Read this analysis of HIC's anti-Israel agenda at the NGO Monitor. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It's ironic that this comes to our attention at a time when Israel is experiencing homelessness for the first time in its history, due to the Oslo War, the Terror War, the stupidfada, whatever you want to call it....

If you can bear it, also see Ford Funds the Palestinian Left by Lee Kaplan at FrontPageMagazine:
A review of all of Ford’s current and past funding on its website shows a litany of Palestinian “human rights” groups being funded such as the following:

- “The National Committee of the Heads of Arab Local Authority in Israel” ($150,000 to be at loggerheads with the Israeli government over every issue);

- “The Arab Commission on Human Rights” ($100,000 to try and indict Israel in the International Criminal Court, but not Arafat the terrorist);

- “The Al-Mezan Center For Human Rights And Community Involvement” ($150,000 for an advocacy group in that human rights Mecca, Gaza, where Hamas rules the roost in cooperation with Arafat);

- “The Al-Dameer Association For Human Rights” ($50,000 again for an advocacy group specializing in “human rights” in Gaza);

- “The Women’s Center-Shu’fat Refugee Camp” ($80,000 in East Jerusalem to “strengthen community participation and study the peace agenda.” Of course, “peace” to the Palestinians now means dismantling all of Israel);

- The Jerusalem Media and Communications Center ($140,000 for a media project which provides highly trained PLO propaganda spokespeople so that biased reporting against Israel can be encouraged among overseas correspondents);

- “The Palestine Consultancy Group” in East Jerusalem, ($100,000 to set up a “legal task force” to support “Palestinian rights” in the city of Jerusalem by endlessly suing the democratic government of Israel which, unlike the Palestine Authority, still runs by the rule of law);

- “The Palestine Center For Policy Survey Research” ($140,000 to inform internationals of the “peace process” and “disseminate data on refugees preferences” in a controlled military dictatorship under Arafat. Do you think those preferences will be for flooding Israel with “Palestinian refugees” like Arafat insists on?);

- Bir Zeit Univeristy in the West Bank (granted $50,000 for “Palestinian scholars” and NGO leaders to travel to South Africa on a “learning and speaking tour,” no doubt with the intention to compare Israel to South Africa as an “apartheid” state.);

- The “International Peace and Cooperation Center” ($80,000 for “advocacy and public education for training and dialogue” on the community level in Jerusalem. Will such advocacy be for “peace” or is this program to train better speaking propagandists to call for Israel’s dismantlement yet again?)

This is but a sampling of the many groups the Ford Foundation has financed in the name of “peace.” The top agenda item for the Palestinian “peace” groups today is dismantling Israel by the Right of Return, flooding the country with Arab terrorists after running Israelis out of the West Bank and Gaza. And the Ford Foundation foots the bill to advance these groups' goals.