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Monday, February 16, 2004

Oy veyz mihr, Bush said WHAT?

"Israel should end the suffering of the average Palestinian"
Maariv: “Israel should end the suffering of the average Palestinian”, said President George Bush in his first interview on the new Arab-American Television station, “Al-Hura”.

According to Bush, implementation of the road map moved forward during the Abu Mazen period, but he was removed from his position sooner than expected. “Some people undermined the peace process and made it difficult for Abu Mazen to realize his vision,” said Bush.

The US President explained what has to happen to stabilize the situation in the Middle East: “We need Palestinian determination and establishment of civil society institutions. The Israeli side needs to end the suffering of the average Palestinian, and neighboring countries must curb the financing of Palestinian groups”.

I know, we'll get them to love us instead. How about some "goodwill gestures," to start? Right, Mr. President. First thing in the morning. . . as soon as we wake up from this nightmare.