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Friday, February 27, 2004

Palestinian Day of Rage in its fifth day

Concrete rage by Khaled Abu Toameh: Only a few journalists this week noticed the 12-year-old Palestinian boy at the anti-security fence rally organized by the Palestinian Authority in Abu Dis. The boy, who identified himself as Zuhair Rajabi, was carrying a red placard in English reading, "The Wall will Fall."

Asked what he was doing at the rally, Rajabi explained: "We came here to tell the Jews that they must leave our homeland. We want to kill the Jews because they are killing our people every day. Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people and the Jews must go back to where they came from."

Asked about the eight-meter-high concrete slabs that separate Abu Dis from Jerusalem, Rajabi said: "We will destroy this racist wall. We will liberate Jerusalem and expel all the Jews who are trying to take over the Aksa mosque. This is an intifada against the wall."

Rajabi was among dozens of schoolchildren who were let out early on Monday to participate in the "Day of Rage" organized by the Palestinian leadership against the ongoing construction of the "apartheid wall." One of his classmates, Imad, said he was happy to leave school "on the instructions of President (Yasser) Arafat. Today there is a general strike in Palestine because the Jews are building a wall in our country. We must fight the Jews wherever they are. We want more martyrdom (suicide) operations."
See also Friday's news of Palestinian riots after Friday prayers in the mosques on the Temple Mount.

According to Maariv, three policemen were slightly injured and some 500 Jews had to be evacuated from the Western Wall area.

(AP Photo/Oded Balilty)