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Friday, February 13, 2004

Palestinian terrorists dispatch children on reconnaissance missions

JPost: IDF soldiers deployed near Rafah spotted three suspects walking in a restricted area attempting to cross from the Palestinian-controlled area into Egypt early Thursday morning. The soldiers opened fire towards the suspects, wounding one lightly. Reaching the site, the soldiers were amazed to discover that the suspects were three Palestinian children aged seven, eight, and 10. Army medics treated the wounded child and then handed the three over for questioning.

IDF officers stressed that it was not the first time terror organizations took advantage of young children and teens, dispatching them to compile information on routes into Egypt or details on IDF troop movements.

The IDF said it was the third time this week that soldiers had spotted suspects attempting to cross into Egypt in the same area. However, Palestinian media reported a different story, claiming IDF forces "kidnapped two children south of Khan Yunis and took them to an unknown destination."