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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Remember the attack on Haifa's Maxim restaurant?

It was called the Slaughter of the Families

This is a composite photo (AP) of members of the Zer-Aviv family, killed in Saturday's suicide bombing attack on a Haifa restaurant, made available Sunday Oct. 5, 2003 by the family in the northern Israeli kibbutz of Yagur. From left to right, Bruriya Zer-Aviv, 54, her son B'tzalel, 30, his wife Keren, 29, and their two children, Noya, 1, and Liran, 4.

Col. (res.) Zeev Almog, legendary former commander of the Israeli Navy's officer training school in Akko, was having lunch with his family at the Maxim restaurant when the suicide bomber struck. Almog, 71, was killed along with his wife Ruth, 70, son Moshe, 43, Moshe's seven-year-old son Tomer and another grandson through daughter Gallit, 10-year-old Assaf Staier. Almog's daughter, Gallit - Moshe's wife- as well as two other grandchildren and Zeev's daughter-in-law, Orli, were all seriously wounded.

Mark Biano, 29, -- a reporter for a cable news magazine, known for covering terrorist attacks -- and his wife, Naomi, 25, were at the restaurant having lunch when the suicide bomber struck. They were one of three families largely wiped out in the attack.

Others murdered included Nir Regev, 25; Osama Najar, 27; Matanas Karkabi, 29; Hana Naim Francis, 40; Sherbel Matar, 23; Zvi Bahat, 35; and Irena Sofrin, 38. A total of twenty-one people were murdered and more than fifty wounded in the suicide bombing.

TODAY: Planners of attack handed multiple life sentences

"What mother gave birth to people such as you?"
A Shomron military court on Thursday sentenced two Palestinian terrorists for sending the suicide bomber to attack the Maxim restaurant. They recruited the suicide bomber, provided her with the explosives belt which weighed 8kg and was packed with metal shards, and drove her to the restaurant.

One was sentenced to 23 consecutive life sentences and a further fifty years in prison. The other was handed 21 life sentences and fifty years.

In their verdict, the Judges wrote that the two "are mass murderers responsible for the deaths of many people. Their principal aim was to murder Jews."

"These abominable murderers, soldiers in the service of the angel of death, recruited Hanadi Jaradat, a youngster who was brainwashed to hate, dripping venom, and filled with murderous thoughts. What is the punishment for cowards who hide behind video cameras – and send others to kill and be killed," the Judges wrote in their verdict.

At a stormy court session Thursday, a woman who had worked in the restaurant's kitchen, railed at the terrorists, "What mother gave birth to such people as you, who are responsible for the murder of innocent children and women. . . "

The two terrorists, members of Islamic Jihad, did not show remorse for their actions. (JPost)