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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Roger Simon saw Gibson movie,
and I don't think he liked it

"the theatrical equivalent of ten years of root canal"
Read it all, but here's a clue:
Instead of adapting one of the magnificent spiritual works of world literature, the Gospels, Mr. Gibson has tossed them aside and made two hours of virtually unremitting gore, taking the “Son of Man,” ripping him, shredding him, flaying him, smashing him, bashing him, beating him, mauling him, hammering nails in him, and then starting all over again. And again. And then again. No known human being—of divine origin or not—would have survived even a fiftieth of this. It’s the theatrical equivalent of ten years of root canal work.

And it all adds up to nothing, because the movie gives you little or no insight into what Jesus was all about.

I can't wait :/