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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Send Misloach Manot to your family and friends in Israel, to active duty IDF or to YESHA children

via ComeToYesha.com
The ComeToYesha.org Mishloach Manot Project is an all Yesha project. We want to give you a small insight into the people and personalities involved. We have tried this year to include as much as possible the "small" people rather than the larger corporations in Yesha.

For example, one successful business was started by a lady following high-tech economic downturn when here husband was retrenched in his comapny's downsizing.

ComeToYesha.org was conceived and is run by Menachem Kuchar who has lived in Efrat for nineteen years. An Oleh from Australia, Menachem is responsible for many internet sites including whichCAREER.com, PizzaIDF.org, TreesToIsrael.org, and Beged Ivri.

Our graphic artist, Shelley Nako, lives in Bet-El and our delivery manager, Avi Rosenberg, has been in Rosh Tzurim for over thirty years. Packing the manot is Menachem Perlman of Patit, with grocery stores in Efrat and Neve Daniel. And Avi Nadel from Cochav haShachar makes sure our advertizing goes out.

Our products include:
Pri Katif fruit juices are produced in Gush Katif

Gillie's Goodies by Gail Ehrlich who lives in Efrat and bakes in Rosh Zurim

Sara's Muffins are prepared by Sara Tropper in Efrat

Honey and Olive Oil for the Yishuv of Negohot, which has been left as a Jewish enclave completely surounded by a sea of Arabs and where 2 people were murdered last Rosh haShana by Arab terrorists

Maya Sweets and candies from Mishor Adumim
Our children living in YESHA are on the front line every day, on their way to and from school, playing with friends after school and well, just in general. You can send them Mishloach Manot with your messages of support. These manot contain a Purim toy.

As you are aware, the people under the greatest pressure at this time are the families living on the so-called hill-tops, the machazim, and in the various communities in Aza (Gaza). The Sharon Government has decided to start implementing its policy of dismantling our communities at these small outposts and in Azza. You can send encouragement to the families on the government's hit-list by sending them Mishlaoch Manot with your messages of support and gratitude.

YESHA children's package
only $12.99