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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This is unbelievable

Intellectual, journalistic (and editorial) integrity of the New York Times cannot be taken for granted
New York Times editorial, February 9 2004:

"Mr. Bush said repeatedly that he went to the United Nations seeking a diplomatic alternative to war. In fact, the United States rejected all diplomatic alternatives at the time, severely damaging relations with some of its most important and loyal allies."

New York Times editorial, November 9, 2002:

"Yesterday's unanimous vote at the United Nations Security Council sends the strongest possible message to Baghdad...This is a well-deserved triumph for President Bush, a tribute to eight weeks of patient but determined and coercive American diplomacy…Only if the council fails to approve the serious consequences it now invokes -- generally understood to be military measures -- should Washington consider acting alone."
from Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish. WOW.
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