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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Today's DEBKA Headlines

I blogged like crazy all day, and didn't even get to these stories
CIA chief Tenet will defend his agency’s work on Iraq’s WMD in public lecture at Washington’s Georgetown University Thursday. He will have his say after Senate Intelligence Committee did not give him chance to testify before drafting its report

DEBKAfile reports rising political disaffection in Syria. 700 opposition leaders are circulating petition for democratic reforms - end of emergency regulations, free elections and press – with target of one million signatures by March 8 anniversary of Syrian Baath revolution. Assad releases 150 political prisoners, some incarcerated for 22 years, with little effect on unrest.

Rumsfeld notes Kay’s Iraq Survey Group had not ruled out Iraq’s possession of WMD at start of war and search under his successor is not complete. Testifying before Senate committee Wednesday, Rumsfeld put forward 6 diverse theories to explain why they had not been found, one of which, that they were not there, which he judged possible but not likely.

Deadly poison found in Baghdad: 7-pound block cyanide salt discovered by US troops in Baghdad late January, according to Fox News. Toxic substance found in safe house used by Abu Musab Zarqawi whom DEBKA-Net-Weekly exposed last year as al Qaeda’s WMD specialist, its key link with Saddam Hussein and current controller of anti-US terror terrorist cells in Iraq. New intelligence indicates he also attempted to produce ricin in large quantities in northern Iraq.

WMD materials shipped last month from Libya to US include warhead designs sold by Pakistan black market network – first hard evidence that underground connected to Abdul Qadeer Khan sold Qaddafi bomb-making elements far beyond technology for enriching uranium – NY Times. Deal apparently involved more than $50m. Pakistan’s top nuclear scientist pleads for mercy for selling nuclear secrets – state TV.

Sharon faces police questioning under caution Thursday about his son’s multimillion fee from indicted businessman Appel.

Bush disinclined to support Sharon’s disengagement-cum-evacuation plan. Read DEBKAfile Special Analysis.
That's it for me for the day, boys and girls. Thank Gd, I have laundry to do and dinner to make for my family.