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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

"The truth is in the buses"

Out of the Mouths of Terrorists by Paula R. Stern

Arutz Sheva: Look how they want peace, claim the Europeans. Yasser Arafat is calling you his partners and begging you to make the "peace of the brave." Trust us, offer the Americans, follow the "roadmap" and it will get you to a final settlement. After more than 50 years, this time the Arabs will meet you at the negotiation table and end the conflict.

Words, we try to explain, just words. The truth is in the buses that are blown up, in the graves we dig each week. Even releasing real footage, taken in the minutes after a bomb explosion, does not seem to have impressed the world. They have yet to understand that the real Palestinian goal is in the mortars they launch every day, each day, almost without fail. It is in the rocks that they throw, in the bullets they shoot at us. It is in the teachings of their children, the sermons of their religious leaders, the hatred broadcast in their newspapers and television programs and the continued calls for more violence. . .

For years now, Israelis have been asking themselves these simple questions: How do you make peace with a people willing to send a young mother to blow herself up, leaving behind her two young children? Can you possibly speak to a culture willing to stone two young boys to death? What hope is there when you have to talk to a people willing to focus their gun sights on the head of a ten-month-old baby and pull the trigger? Is it possible to understand the demented thinking of someone who enters a restaurant and takes the time to intentionally position himself between two families before exploding?

This is our message, an internal one that occupies our minds and disturbs our hearts. But this is not a message that the world can understand. They believe that if we offer the Palestinians a solution, these attacks will stop. They answer our concerns by avoiding them. Better not to think that there might not be answers, no real and true road to peace. . .