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Sunday, February 29, 2004

War in the Blogosphere

Mel's movie is definitely not spreading love; the debate in the blogosphere becomes more and more contentious all the time. Unfortunately, I got into it on a thread at Roger Simon's blog, and was told that my remarks were "extremely insensitive and insulting" as well as "anti-Christian."

There's alot of this going around, but nowhere more so than at Chuck Simmins' blog, appropriately called "You Big Mouth, You!."

Simmins announced last Thursday that he was delinking (removing from his blogroll) Meryl Yourish, Silent Running and Kesher Talk, in addition to Amish Tech Support, which he had de-linked some time ago because "it's evil to hate that much."

So, because he feels that his "faith has been mocked," Simmins calls these bloggers a--holes, "as intolerant as any Islamic sect," and thereby gets a lot of attention and traffic. Bloggers live for traffic.

That's why I'm making sure I add Meryl Yourish, Silent Running, Kesher Talk, and Amish Tech Support to my linked blogs. It's the least I can do.
Oh, and also Smooth Stone, because that's good too. Enjoy them all.