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Monday, March 08, 2004

Avi Dershowitz: "I will not be silenced nor intimidated"

In fact, he was both.
from IsraelInsider via LGF:

The other day, I experienced violent anti-Semitism for the first time in my adult life. It took place in front of Faneuil Hall, the birthplace of American independence and liberty. . .

Although the signs they were carrying were not anti-Semitic, the sign carriers were shouting epithets at me that crossed the line from civility to bigotry. "Dershowitz and Hitler, just the same, the only difference is the name." The sin that, in the opinion of the screamers, warranted this comparison between me and the man who murdered dozens of my family members was my support for Israel.

It was irrelevant to these chanters that I also support a Palestinian state, the end of the Israeli occupation and the dismantling of most of the settlements.

They also shouted "Dershowitz and Gibbels [sic], just the same, the only difference is the name" - not even knowing how to pronounce the name of the anti-Semitic Nazi propagandist.

One sign carrier shouted that Jews who support Israel are worse than Nazis. Another demanded that I be tortured and killed.

It wasn't only their words; it was the hatred in their eyes. If a dozen Boston police were not protecting me, I have little doubt I would have been physically attacked. Their eyes were ablaze with fanatical zeal. . .

That is not the way the marketplace of ideas is supposed to work. It is not the conception of liberty for which Sam and John Adams spoke so eloquently and controversially in and around Faneuil Hall more than two hundred years ago. It was far more reminiscent of rallies conducted by Nazi thugs in Berlin seventy years ago.

Charles Johnson and LGF readers have put together a string of connections that leads from this hateful gang to Teresa Heinz Kerry money; make sure you visit the LGF link above.

I don't think that's the worst of it, though. For all those who were going to make aliyah when and if Alan Dershowitz needed the protection of a dozen policemen to walk in Boston, now's the time. If you were waiting for the distinction between anti-Israel and anti-Jew to become blurred, now's the time.

For the rest of us, what are we waiting for? At what point do we take this very seriously and act to protect ourselves and our children? A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.