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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Banagor gives it to the Spanish electorate

I knew he would
European Victory, an excerpt:

Let us, for a moment, consider the truth of history. I believe (perhaps I am mistaken) that Osama Bin Laden called attention to the fact that the Moors lost Spain, and that it was part of his dream to reclaim it - a full year and a half before the Iraq war. Naturally, Europeans never take terrorists at their word, so some excuse was needed to justify the fact that Bin Laden must have been correct and the United States, and those who follow it, simply wrong. This is of course the European way.

It appears that the Spanish, along with the rest of Europe, not only are unable to remember history, but are unable to learn from it as well. With all of their "post colonialist" deconstruction, I doubt that any could actually tell you what exactly happened in 1492, and why it is so vital that Spain suffer for this "indignation" even today. But, in the beautifully high spirit of multiculturalism, one cannot go pointing fingers at anyone else except for the United States of America.

Europe has failed the test. This indeed was the European reaction. We all remember the American one on September 11th. It was the very practical, clear-headed, simple response of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and doing what had to be done in a time of war.

Europe and Spain's reaction to the same exact event? Hide; capitulate; appease; run.

Words utterly fail me in expressing my absolute revulsion at the European mindset - for make no mistake, this was a European election and not merely a Spanish one. I fear that we will stand alone in the end, abandoned by all save Israel and a few other odd allies, while the barbarians storm our gates to sack our cities and wonder at our Pantheons before they destroy them forever.
"Words utterly fail" him? I don't think so. Read it all.