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Sunday, March 07, 2004

CSM blames phenomenon of child terrorism on "hopeless and inhuman environment"

"because hope is diminishing"
Christian Science Monitor: "As life looks bleaker, suicide bombers get younger"

The Masri family's tragedy is part of a trend that many Palestinians see as a worrisome mark of desperation: younger and younger Palestinians enlisting for suicide missions against Israel.
The article fails to lay blame at the doorstep of the Palestinian Authority, which is directly responsible for the pedagogy of hate constantly broadcast on PA television and radio. See for yourself at Palestinian Media Watch - just click on the video report, "Ask for Death," about the indoctrination of children.

You may also want to refer the author of the CSM article, Ilene R. Prusher, to the vast resources available at the Palestinian Media Watch website. She could use some education in Palestinian "education."
"As life looks bleaker, suicide bombers get younger" (3/5/04) gives a terribly misleading impression that Palestinian youth are taking part in terrorist activity solely because of the sociological problems suffered in the territories. Though not directly admitted, the message here is that children are driven to become terrorists by the hardships of "Israeli occupation."

Prusher fails to lay blame where it belongs: at the doorstep of the Palestinian Authority, which says one thing in English to reporters, but glorifies terrorism to children in constant broadcasts on official television and radio.

Prusher, CSM editors and readers would do well to study the website of Palestinian Media Watch at www.pmw.org.il to discover what is truly behind the phenomenon of child terrorism.

I would go so far as to suggest that the Palestinian leadership encourages child terrorism exactly because of the inverse relationship between the child's age and the extent of press coverage received. This article is a clear example. How terribly sad that the CSM is playing right along, and repeating the terrorists' propaganda.

Further research might lead to the discovery that the PA is intentionally involving their children in this war. The Geneva Conventions happen to prohibit the use of children as combatants (under a certain age).

I would be interested to read Prusher's interviews with representatives of children's rights organizations on the subject; they have been curiously reticent to criticize the Palestinian Authority's cynical abuse of children.

Anne Lieberman
Boulder, CO