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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Double Suicide Bombing at Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv

Ten Killed, 19 Wounded
At least eight ten people were killed Sunday and 19 were injured, three of which in critical condition, in a double suicide bombing at the Ashdod port.

Hamas' military wing Iz a Din al-Kassam and Fatah jointly took responsibility for the bombings on Al-Manar television in Lebanon.

It was unclear how the bombers entered into the port's compound. An Ashdod municipal worker told Channel 2 that he "was shocked" that an attack could take place in the port since "it is well secured."

One of the bombers reportedly exploded at the port's main gate and the second bomber managed to jump the fence which surrounds the facility and blew himself up inside a factory in the compound.

JPost: Hearing news of the attack, Palestinians took to the streets in the Jenin and Jabalaya refugee camps to celebrate. Drivers honked the horns of their cars as gunmen fired into the air to express their joy. Others distributed sweets to passersby, hailing the suicide bombers, and calling on all Palestinian groups to step up their "resistance operations against the Israeli enemy."

Yasser Arafat: We won't accept [a peaceful agreement]! Never! We will continue to make war on Israel by ourselves until we get Palestine back. The end of Israel is the goal of our struggle, and it allows for neither compromise nor mediation. The issues of this struggle, whether our [Arab] friends like it or not, will always remain fixed by the principles we enumerated in 1965 with the creation of Al Fatah:
First: revolutionary violence is the only system for liberating the land of our fathers;

second: the purpose of this violence is to liquidate Zionism in all its political, economic and military forms, and to drive it out of Palestine forever;

third: our revolutionary action must be independent of any control by party or state;

fourth; this action will be of long duration.
We know the intentions of certain Arab leaders: to resolve the conflict with a peaceful agreement. When this happens, we will oppose it.

Oriana Fallaci: Conclusion: you don't at all want the peace that everyone is hoping for.

Yasser Arafat: No! We don't want peace. We want war, victory. Peace for us means the destruction of Israel and nothing else. What you call peace is peace for Israel and the imperialists. For us it is injustice and shame. We will fight until victory. Decades if necessary. Generations.
Interview with History, pp. 130-131.