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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Goodbye, Soccer Moms -- Hello, Security Moms

by Anne Morse, via C-Log at Townhall.com:

In newspaper and magazine stories, security moms have said they are willing to make sacrifices in their personal freedoms and beliefs if it would mean ensuring that a terrorist couldn’t blow up their kids’ schools . . .

Ferocious is the term presidential candidates should fix in their minds when they hear the term “Security Moms.” Because inside the most gentle, peace-loving, apple-pie baking mommy is a snarling Rottweiler who will kill to keep her babies safe.

Pre-September 11, this willingness to kill for our kids was an instinct the average American mom understood only in abstraction; today’s mother feels it in her gut. Every time she sees the televised faces of those deck-of-cards terrorists, she wants to play 52-card pickup with their corpses.

I can recall the exact moment my own killer instinct emerged from the sleepy backwater of my mind and morphed into a gut-wrenching, stomach-churning, heart-pounding rage. It was the day I saw on the news a videotape recovered from an al-Qaeda hideout. It showed terrorists rehearsing an attack on an American elementary school. Some of them were posing as children and teachers, screaming in fear as gun-toting men burst into their “school” and herded them into a classroom. Presumably, they planned to murder as many children as possible. . .
My own "exact moment" was the day they bombed the Passover seder in Netanya, two years ago this spring.
Two years into the war on terror, the hearts of America’s mothers have hardened, and no wonder. The first thing many of us did on Sept. 11, when we heard about those jets crashing into buildings, was to jump in the car and pick up our kids. It was goodbye to the Soccer Mom, who had time to worry about animal rights and air pollution, and hello to the Security Mom, who’s obsessed with keeping her children safe -- not just from school yard bullies and child molesters, but also from those who think they’ll receive 70 black-eyed virgins if they murder American kids.
Oh, and btw, they're voting for Bush:
Debbie Creighton -- a mother of two who twice voted for Bill Clinton and normally supports candidates who favor abortion and welfare rights -- bluntly sums up the attitude of Security Moms: “Since 9/11,” she told Time, “all I want is a President who is strong.”