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Monday, March 08, 2004

Help Boulder friends help Israel

Order Israeli honey and olive oil through HALAVI Import Company

Several good friends got together and formed an import company, which has brought Israeli honey and olive oil to Colorado.
Olive Grove olive oil is distributed in the United States by Halavi Imports, a local company founded by five Boulder-area friends who came together with the idea of importing products from Israel to help boost that country's economy. After careful consideration, they choose olive oil as their initial product. They then searched out the highest-quality kosher, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil Israel has to offer and negotiated to bring it to the Colorado region.

Olive Grove olive oil is available through food specialty stores, selected restaurants, and local synagogue gift shops in the greater Boulder/Denver area. Bottles come in two sizes -250 ml and 500 ml (about a half-pint and a pint) - with attractive jug handles and pour spouts. It is competitively priced with the best Italian and Spanish oils. For more information on ordering Olive Grove olive oil, phone Halavi Imports at (303) 352-1967 or e-mail the company at orders@halavi.com
If you have any connections with possible outlets for this great endeavor, wherever you are, please do what you can to help spread the word. This is a labor of love.