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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Israel pays $16,000,000 each year to the UN

by Mike Levine via Isralert
Sixteen million US dollars.

This is the amount of money which Israel pays in UN dues each year.

In rough numbers this means that during the years of its membership Israel has laid out more than $800,000,000 dollars. That’s almost a billion dollars. More than has been paid by most oil-rich Arab states. More than most East European countries. More than many nations with fifty times Israel’s population.

And what has Israel received for its money? Hundreds of resolutions blaming Israel for damn near every ill in the world! More negative resolutions than any other nation on earth, plus refusal to include Israel on committees concerning human rights, while extending honored positions to human rights luminaries Libya and Syria.

Groucho Marx in one of his zany movies said of an exclusive country club, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member!”

Well I for one would not belong to any organization whose members singled me out for ill treatment, who bashed my family and me at every turn, who lied about me, who showed in every way possible their hatred for me.

Do you have any idea what Israel could do with an additional $16,000,000 dollars a year?

The biggest growth industry in Israel today is soup kitchens! Yes, trying to keep up with the rapidly growing number of people falling under the poverty line is becoming a major industry! A hundred thousand Jewish kids don’t get even one hot meal most days.

There are now dozens of private non-profit groups roaming the earth looking for donations with which to feed poor families in Israel. One such group, with which I am very familiar, estimates the cost of a freshly cooked, hot, four course balanced meal at $3. If my math is any good that means they could serve 5 million additional hot meals a year for what we pay to stay in the UN.

Because of shrinking national budgets old age pensions have been cut, single mother assistance reduced, people with severe disabilities often have to make a choice—food or medication.

Sixteen million US dollars (approximately 72 million Israeli shekel) would help to restore some of these social services budget cuts. And this sixteen million does not include the cost to Israel of maintaining its representatives in the UN, of housing and feeding them, providing cars and expenses.

It is high time to say goodbye to one of the world’s most anti-Semitic organizations—the UN—a group whose membership is dominated by Arab and third world nations dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state, and use the money we pay in dues to see to it that no child in Israel ever again goes to bed hungry.