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Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Patrick Pearlman: I have to laugh.
First, my apologies to all those readers who are angered or saddened by the latest terror attack in Ashdod.

But, quite frankly, I have to laugh.

Let me assure you, it's not a laugh of joy. It is a laugh born of the deepest bitterness. The bitterness that results from watching a defeatist, hypocritical government and press continuing the charade of fighting the war on terror, a war they are striving mightily to lose. The bitterness of watching a government that claims to represent the Jewish people but undermines the very foundations upon which that people stand.

The tragicomedy unfolds with mind-numbing predictability. Like preceding attacks, the Ashdod attack was typical: Murder Jews, show they're not safe anywhere in Israel, dance for joy in the streets and pass out candies. Like prior attacks, the PA?s response is typical: Condemn the "atrocity" (though, of course, the PA's armed wing carried out the attack) and call for "negotiations." And the Israeli government?s response is pro forma: Lightly bomb a few empty buildings, delay meetings with the PA for a respectful time, and utter the usual bromides about "not negotiating under fire" and "holding the PA responsible" for the latest attack.

Meanwhile, Sharon will continue planning the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, Judaea and Samaria. Sharon will continue, undemocratically, to seek support for this pogrom not from his own ruling coalition (Heaven forfend!), or from his own people (perish the thought!), but from the international community that sponsored Oslo, the Roadmap, the Geneva Accords, etc. He will continue to talk about the need to "disengage" from the Palestinians unilaterally "until there is a partner with whom we can negotiate." The PA terror machine will continue to be funded -- either by the Israeli government or with its acquiescence -- and left in place to incite and organize further attacks. And Jews will continue to be told by their government, their media and their intellectuals that this is all "reasonable" and "necessary" to "win the war"?

I have to laugh because it's too twisted to be true.

Israel's leaders have learned nothing from Oslo and its progeny. They still have a raging case of Oslosis. They continue to pursue and promote policies of national suicide on the grounds that "there is no alternative." And Jews continue to pay the price for their leaders' failure. Even if their leaders are too blind to see it, the Jewish people must understand that they cannot "disengage" from the Palestinians. They must know, viscerally at least, that there is nowhere they can run to and no fence they can hide behind. The Jewish people must realize that they have an alternative: To really fight - for themselves and Eretz Yisrael, regardless of what the festering muck that is the "international community" thinks.

Until the day ordinary Jews acknowledge the reality of their situation, and put their hands to work to alter that reality, they will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of Oslo. And Israel, regardless of whether it is a "State of the Jews" or a "Jewish State," will die a little death with each sacrifice.

This time next year, I pray that I'm not laughing.

I am glad to call Patrick Pearlman my friend; he is an ardent proponent of Moshe Feiglin's Manhigut Yehudit movement.

Yasher koach, Pat.