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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Jerusalem on high terror alert

Maariv: Jerusalem police are on high alert following an increase in intelligence information warning of Palestinians planning to target the capital. Police have set up roadblocks throughout the city and are randomly stopping and inspecting vehicles.

Gaza: Three HAMAS terrorists killed in IAF helicopter missile attack

Maariv: Three Hamas terrorists were killed when missiles hit a car in central Gaza, Wednesday afternoon. IDF sources said that one of the three Hamas terrorists killed in the attack was Jamal Tarad, who was responsible for dispatching the female suicide bomber who blew herself up at the Erez crossing. All three were senior level leaders of the Hamas terror organization, the sources said.

Palestinian witnesses report seeing a couple of missiles hit the car shortly before 13.00, completely destroying the vehicle. Medics rushed to the scene and found the bodies inside. Some Palestinians reported seeing Israeli drones hovering over the area before the strike.

The white car was engulfed in flames and black smoke. Some people threw sand at the burning wreckage and beat the flames with their clothes in an attempt to put the fire out. The angry crowed called for revenge and lashed out against Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian government. "I spit on the Palestinian Authority and those who brought them here", one bystander said.

Dozens of Palestinians tried to storm the morgue at Shifa Hospital in Gaza to identify the victims, others screamed for revenge.

Palestinians say that a firefight between IDF soldiers and armed Palestinians erupted in the area after the attack. Palestinian sources report that stray bullets from that firefight hit a power station and parts of Gaza are now without electricity.

Hamas spokesman, Abed al-Aziz Rantissi, vowed revenge for the strike “even if the Hamas members were on their way to carry out a legitimate attack on the Netzarim settlement, a military response to the action will be forthcoming”, Rantissi said. “Before Israel withdraws from Gaza, Sharon continues to carry out crimes against the Islamic movements in the Strip", he said.

Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Ala condemned the attack, “The goal of the Israeli government is to annihilate every attempt to bring quiet and to revive peace talks”, he said.
There was a Palestinian "attempt to bring quiet and revive peace talks"? That's funny, I never heard of it.

Reuters has this to add:
"In Gaza, 1.3 million Palestinians are squeezed into teeming urban slums alongside 7,800 Jews in spacious fortified enclaves."

Speaking of "teeming urban slums" and "spacious fortified enclaves," my (11-year-old) daughter and I were recently looking at tourism brochures for Tel Aviv, and were in awe of the spectacular city. I said something about, no wonder the Arabs seethe with jealousy; they want all this. And my daughter, Gd bless her, said that if we just had somewhere else to go, and we could take the Western Wall with us, then we could just level all the rest of Israel, and let them have it. Empty.

"Would they still want it, then?" she asked.

We'll never know, because we don't and we can't.