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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Jews & Jew Haters

by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok of KosherTorah.com
The Jewish people have been given numerous opportunities from Heaven to correct our ways, do the right thing and straighten out the mess our world is in, partially because of us. Time and time again we miss our opportunity to do the right thing with the results usually being an outbreak of anti-Semitism that leads to the unnecessary suffering and deaths of countless Jews.

The present state of Jewish affairs in the world points down the road to another potential Holocaust. Hatred of Jews in Moslem lands today has equaled that of Nazi Germany. Indeed, we might look at the collective Moslem world today as the "Rise of the Fourth Reich." Jew hatred in Europe is on the rise again, almost equal to its pre-WWII heights.

Although anti-Semitism here in the U.S. appears to be less, one just need do a web search on the likes of the GOOGLE search engine under the key word "Jew" to see that this leader of search engine technology lists a neo-Nazi hate organization as its number one listing under that word. Apparently, anti-Semitism is growing for it to be such a popular internet topic, with GOOGLE a willing contributor to the propagation of hate.

Hatred of Jews is a problem that seems never to go away. It explodes to the surface of society in place to place from time to time, works its evil, leaving devastation in its path, and then submerges again, for maybe a decade or generation. Yet, the evil specter of the hatred of Jews never goes away. It stays there like a ghost or a phantom haunting us from the shadows.

Years ago, I remember the majority of secular Jews worldwide dismissing Jew hatred as a long gone evil totally divorced from their present reality. In recent times, these same secular Jews worldwide, far away from their culture and tradition are beginning to realize that the ancient evil has not died at all. Like their cultural and religious Jewish brethren, even the secular Jew is awakening to the undeniable fact that all is not right in the world when it comes to the Jews.

Jews of all walks of life offer all kinds of answers to respond to Jew hatred. None of them have worked against the rising tide. There is however today a serious and significant deterrent to the growing desire to rid the world of Jews once and for all. This is the existence of the State of Israel and its might army backed up with alleged nuclear weapons. Yet, in spite of however mighty any deterrent is, it is of no value if those entrusted to wield its might are to timid to do so.

Jew hatred attacks the Jews in more ways than mere physical attacks upon one's person or property. Jew hatred attacks the Jew in the mind, making the Jew question as does the Jew hater if the Jew really has the right to be who he is and to survive and thrive as Jews do. Jew hatred attempts psychological warfare by discrediting the Jew and the Jewish people and then attempting to get Jews themselves to believe their poisonous lies. As history and current events shows us, there is no shortage of turn-coat Jews willing to embrace the venom of the Jew hater feeling that this will ultimately save them in the end.

We thus find the rank and file Jew surrounded by challenges to his mere existence. Many a Jew have responded by fleeing from everything Jewish and by embracing the new "world religion" of consumerism and hedonism. After all, it is believed, if a Jew assimilates into the greater non-Jewish culture, then the Jew hater will not distinguish him in a crowd and will therefore bypass said Jew as an object of racism and ridicule.

I chuckle at those who really believe their assimilation is their protection against the Jew hater. It didn't save the Jews in Germany against Hitler's purge. Such assimilation certainly has not stopped the Moslem terrorism from spying out such assimilated Jews everywhere in the world and targeting them for acts of terrorism.

Western Jew haters in Christian lands might not be so active in their picking out of Jews to target; nonetheless, they will seek to harm Jews in general by sharing their political, social and religious agendas of prejudice and hate with all who are willing to listen.

Assimilated Jews scoff at this meager attempt to harm them and dismiss it outright saying that such idiots can cause them no harm. Then we here about prejudice and racism in the work place and elsewhere. The assimilated Jew responds either by standing up for himself as who he is, or else he embraces the hatred of his attacker and becomes a turn-coat Jew all too willing to join in the attack against his fellow Jews. We Jews have long known that the worst type of Jew hater is the Jewish born self hater.

The times, they are a changing! Moslem extremism that began with Jew hatred has now spread to include hatred of everything non-Muslim. Muslim extremists grow most extreme and thus more desperate. The recent attack in Spain where 200+ were killed in a bomb attack on an urban railroad center shows us that the terrorist is alive and well and looking to strike in a location near you. It is only a matter of time before another something BIG happens. The question to ask is what kind of response should there be?

For many in the Western world the response will be what it was after the 9/11 disaster in New York. They will blame the Jews. The Jew hater fans the fires of rage by saying that if the Jews have not angered the Moslems by creating a Jewish state in Palestine, none of this terrorism would be happening. It is all the fault of the Jews, even the assimilated ones. On 9/11 Jews leaving Manhattan were verbally and physically attacked by many of their "fellow" Americans saying exactly this. Will next time be much worse?

As long as hated is tolerated and not forcefully challenged, it will continue to grow. Jew hatred has actually become a thing in vogue in many centers throughout Europe. Like a disease it is spreading throughout the body of the world. And it is always the Jew who is the last to know, the last to realize that those whom he embraces, certain that they have forgotten (or not noticed) that he is a Jew, have not forgotten at all.

Where and when will it ever end? Maybe the Jew should indeed learn a lesson from the Jew hater and be solid in resolve. Maybe we Jews should learn to stand as strong for ourselves as those who hate us stand against us.

There was a time when the world respected and feared a strong and defiant State of Israel. There was a time after the 1967 Sinai War when the name Israeli was something feared. Israel earned its respect through strength in arms, a lesson that recent Israeli governments have forgotten and allowed to erode.

Maybe Jews today should learn to become as resolute as those who hate them. Maybe Jews should address the Jew hater with a punch in the nose as opposed to a slap on the wrist. Maybe individual Jews should respond with force against those who hate them. After all, if your enemy wants a war and has declared war on you, what is the wisdom in waiting defenseless for him to attack you?

Common sense dictates that we attack a known enemy and seek to neutralize their means to make war against us. This is after all, what our enemies do to us, by attacking everything Jewish and making Jews ashamed to identify themselves as Jews.

The ultimate struggle will inevitably come. Jew verses Jew hater. The war will be fought in all arenas, social, political and economic. Maybe if we pick up the good fight now and battle for Jewish self-respect and destroy the Jew haters, then maybe the mighty army of the State of Israel will never be backed against the wall by waves of invading Arab armies, forcing Israel to unleash all its devastating might. That for sure will put an end to a large segment of Jew haters. Nuclear strikes have a way of doing this.

If individual Jews embrace with pride our culture, heritage and identity and we fight for it, we will succeed in overcoming the overwhelming opposition to us. If we fail to do this and continue to allow the Jew haters to gain the upper hand, we will all inevitable face the monster that we have allowed to grow in our midst.

There will be no escape unless we create it NOW, before it is too late. Again we have the opportunity.