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Monday, March 29, 2004

Just walked in the door from Texas

and found this very disturbing email from the rabbi at KosherTorah.com

Shalom one and all, I would like to ask your advise on a matter. I recently received the enclosed email from the Google people. I pay for an advertisement on the keyword Kabbalah and the like.

MY ad states:
Kosher Torah Kabbalah
Teachings of Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok
Relevant, Practical, Authentic
That's it! Just those 12 words.

Google refuses to allow this ad to appear because they say it contains: UNACCEPTABLE CONTENT. The Google people said in their email to me that somehow the 12 words above contain:
I have sent them an email asking them to explain to me their position. I am waiting to hear from them.

In the mean time, I am sorry to bother you with such a trivial matter. But I must ask you, do you see a problem as does Google or do you think something else might be wrong? Maybe Google would like to hear from some of you. Maybe you can tell them what you think.

It may or may not help, but at least it would keep them busy and make them think about what they are doing.

Please drop a line to the Google people and let them know what you think - - - adwords-support@google.com

Thanks in advance . . .
The (Rio Grande) Valley and the Hill Country were GREAT, we had a blast, and as soon as I unpack and get my bearings, maybe I'll have something to blog about. While you're waiting, send an email to Google on behalf of Rabbi Bar Tzadok. I'll keep you posted if I hear any more.

UPDATE, Tuesday: I just heard from Google that "we escalated this particular issue for further review, and the advertiser is currently approved to run on Google." YAY!