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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

OPERATION "TROJAN HORSE" - Israeli police raid homes and offices of Jewish nationalists, activists

Report from David Ha'Ivri of Kfar Tapuach
Early yesterday morning (Mar 29, 2004), tens of plainclothes, riot, and other police officers surrounded and raided several homes and offices in Kfar Tapauch, Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, and Rishon Le'tzion. In the end, they conducted a "search" and confiscated computer and other office equipment. Six activists were arrested and taken in for questioning. The suspects were kept for over 12 hours, not permitted to contact anyone including lawyers and family members, were not provided with kosher food, were kept in isolation, and were not even aware that the others had also been arrested.

The Israeli Police claim that this operation code named "Operation Trojan Horse" was the result of a 3 month investigation with cooperation from international agencies such as interpol. They also claimed that as a result of this raid, the websites were taken offline but almost immediately they were back up and the webmasters reported a significant increase in traffic to the sites.

The police allege that the suspects in this case including David HaIvri and Yekutiel Ben Yaakov (Mike) were responsible for running maintaining and updating "terrorist" websites connected to the outlawed Kach and Kahane Chai movements. The bulk of the "evidence" was that on the said websites http://www.kahane.org and the Hebrew counterpart http://www.kahane.info "illegal" graphics including the famous symbol of Jewish resistance the star of David and the fist and "advertisements" connected to the outlawed groups were found. They also claimed that these sites contained writings which constitute "incitement to racism violence and terrorism."

In Haviri's case he is merely suspected of having links on his website http:// www.hameir.org to the other sites including Kahane.org and the Jewish Legion http:// www.defendisrael.net a legal organization with the full permission and even cooperation of the IDF. He is therefore (obviously) to be held accountable for all the content on external sites to which he links. I highly doubt that today that the police will be raiding the houses and offices of all those who have link to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hizbolla as well as a slew of neo-nazi sites and news sites who report on such phenomena. I sincerely hope that the raid yesterday was only one phase of the operation and that more arrests (of the REAL terrorists) can be expected but I will certainly not be holding my breath.

The offices which were raided are involved in many important activities including the Darka Shel Torah parsha sheets, the publication and distribution of the writings of Rabbis Meir and Binyamin Kahane (HY"D), several other websites including http://www.hameir.org and http://www.kahanebooks.com, the sale of other Kahane merchandise, newsletters, periodic mailings, and many other activities pertaining to spreading the Authentic Jewish Idea.

Other office equipment including ADSL modems, Ethernet routers, scanners and thousands of dollars worth of software was also confiscated. The police were "kind hearted" enough to leave the monitors but practically everything else was taken. As it is unclear if and when this equipment will be returned and in what condition, funds are desperately needed to purchase new equipment in order that our most important activities can be continued.

R. Binyamin Kahane used to joke that the police have a yearly "minhag" to raid our offices prior to the Pesach holiday. This is not the first time that such a raid was conducted at this time of year and unfortunately I fear it will not be the last. This despicable behavior by the Israeli Government and police force is clearly meant to do nothing else but harass good Jews and to shut our mouths. They greatly fear the message which we are sending out and want to silence it at ALL costs. They justifiably realize that the greatest threat to their suicidal policies and ongoing attempts to remove all vestiges of Judaism and Authentic Jewish Values from the State of Israel is not the Yesha council or the right wing and religious political parties but the followers of Kahane.

It is appalling that a government which at least claims to value democracy will resort to any means necessary to silence those who oppose them. Their conception of "democracy" and freedom of speech only applies to self hating leftist traitors and Arab terrorists who openly support the murder of innocent Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel. Long time Kahane activist Itamar Ben Gvir in a response to the arrests released to the press the following statement: "Instead of arresting Hamas terrorists who operate openly in the Galilee area, they come to a group of `good Jews' seeking to spread the truth. They will not silence us. We will continue to spread the word and maintain Kahane website."

It is poignant to note that today is "Land Day" when tens if not hundreds of thousands of Israeli Arabs annually take part in violent anti-government protests. This year the Police Chief gave specific orders that no rubber bullets or live ammunition are to be used in suppressing the anticipated Arab riots.

In other words, Arab citizens of Israel are freely allowed to violently riot with impunity but Jews are arrested for the mere publication of their beliefs. The police and government take the Arabs in Nazereth who openly march with Hamas headbands.

Israeli Arabs shout slogans and carry a poster of the late Hamas
leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin during a protest to mark the 'Land
Day' at the Israeli Arab village of Araba March 30, 2004.
Photo by Nir Elias/Reuters

They allow Arab Kenesset Members to openly side with the enemies of the Jewish people and even travel to hostile countries and meet them because of "freedom of speech".

Blatantly offensive and anti-Jewish art and literature is completely permissible and even taught in Israeli schools and on display in museums and galleries but Heaven forbid any Jew say a word against our Arab enemies who murder us daily.

More and more Israeli Arabs are becoming openly involved with terrorism and terrorist groups and nothing whatsoever is done about this.

Our shul and house of study in Tapuach West was razed to the ground while thousands of illegal Arab structures including mosques are erected daily with impunity.

There are tens of hot intelligence warnings every day about real Arab terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israeli cities and murder innocent people but the police somehow have the time and money to conduct a 3 month investigation with high tech surveillance equipment and take tens of officers off the streets and send them to harass Jews and confiscate office equipment.

If anyone is guilty of incitement and (judicial) terrorism it is the Israeli Government against the followers of Rabbi Kahane and the right in general. They have forces working around the clock to throw a wrench in all of our activities and wage a constant campaign of defamation and slander against us in the press. When legitimate grounds for arrest and confiscation of property can't be found "evidence" is simply fabricated or in the case of Noam Federman they simply resort to administrative detention which should send shivers down the spine of anyone who even pretends to value democracy and justice.

Please!! don't allow the self-hating jewish lemmings to silence us and our message. Anyone who can contribute financially or directly donate computers and office equipment is asked to do so each in accordance with his means. Such equipment is vital for the continuation of our activities and at the moment we do not even have the basic ability to send and receive email, type memos or access our databases and records. The Kahane Legacy and Authentic Jewish Idea cannot live on without your support at this critical time. If we are to be victorious in our struggle for a Jewish Israel everyone must do their part. At the beginning of the Pesach seder we say "All who are hungry let them come and eat." Elsewhere the Sages say "Poverty only refers to lack of knowledge in Torah".

Please allow us to continue spreading the Authentic Torah message which is vital to the survival to Israel and the entire Jewish people. Enable us to nourish the millions of starving Jewish souls who so desperately need to hear our message. If there was ever a time when we needed to be heard it is NOW! Show the government and our enemies that their ongoing attempts to silence us will not be successful and in the end it is THEY who will be defeated. David Haimovich, HaIvri's attorney said yesterday at a public meeting held in Jerusalem that the government is using what is known as the "chill effect" in an attempt to silence opposition. They realize that by constant harassment and frivolous legal battles a vast majority of the population will cease and desist their activities. HaIvri strongly declared that WE WILL NOT BE BROKEN!!!

We can however use your help....Donations can be sent to:
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David HaIvri can now be contacted at haivri@post.com. Due to the ongoing situation haivri@hameir.org may be temporarily out of service.

Darka Shel Torah (the Way of the Torah) is a bi-weekly torah newsletter founded by Rabbi Binyamin Zev Kahane hy'd in 1988. The newsletter is circulated today in thousands of shuls around Israel in 60,000 copies in Hebrew, English and Russian. The Darka shel Torah staff is harassed from time to time by the Israeli authorities because of Torah commentaries and political writings that differ or question polices of the government.
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