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Monday, March 15, 2004

Settling an old score: Islamists mean to conquer the world

"On the road to conquering Europe" by Yoav Keren

Anyone thinking that the massacre in Madrid is the result of Spain’s support for the war in Iraq, should pay careful attention to one sentence in the announcement of responsibility. “This was part of settling an old score with Spain, which bears the cross”, declared the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade.

When Al-Qaeda speaks of an unsettled score, it doesn’t matter if the group that took responsibility is actually the one that perpetrated the attack. They are not referring to the 1,300 soldiers that Spain sent to Iraq or to President José María Aznar’s summit meeting with President George W. Bush before the war. They are referring to a much older score, one that goes back to 1492, when the Christians expelled the last Moslems from Grenada and completed their re-conquest of Spain. The score will be settled only when the flag of Islam again flies on Spanish soil.

The ambitions of current-day Islam go beyond Spain. We recommend that European leaders and citizens, especially those who think that Israel is the source of all evil, read the Islamic legal decision written by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, one of the most important legal authorities in the Islamic world, last year. In the article (selections of which are quoted by Jonathan D. Halevi on the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center website), Qaradawi notes:
“Islam will return once more to Europe as a conqueror and as a victorious power after it was expelled twice from the continent. I assume that next time the conquest [of Europe] will not be achieved by the sword but by preaching and spreading its ideology. The expansion of Islam will reach all the areas where the sun shines and the moon appears."
He also writes that the conquest of Rome, the center of Roman Catholicism, will be symbolic of Islam’s victory over Christian Europe. (Italians and Christians everywhere, take note).

Qaradawi is not the most extreme Islamic legal authority. He actually spoke out against the attacks on September 11. The difference between Qaradawi and Al-Qaeda is limited to the means. Their goal is the same, to conquer the world.
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