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Monday, March 22, 2004

Sharon finally gets around to doing what he was elected to do -

Readers should pay immediate and active attention to how this is covered in the media. As usual, Israel is being cast in a negative light. I've already this morning received a communique from HonestReporting.com, which warns of these four media myths:

1. The Yassin strike will escalate violence
Apparently, nearly all news reports are claiming that this targeted assassination will escalate the war. This comes right from the official PA statement, and is included in news reports as if it were fact, instead of editorial. News reports should of course indicate this as the official Palestinian position, and include also Israeli positions on the matter. That is, if they are to be "fair and balanced."

If you see news reports that omit the Israeli position -that Yassin was an "obstacle to peace" and a danger to the entire region- give 'em hell. Terrorist attacks may increase temporarily, but in the long run the elimination of Yassin will upset their capabilities and serve as a powerful deterrent to Palestinian terror.
2. Yassin was a frail old man
Yeah, right. His health problems didn't seem to keep him from orchestrating unprecedented terror, directing dozens of attacks. Note that Yassin was in a wheelchair since age 12, and it was a sporting accident that left him paralyzed, not Israeli oppression/occupation, etc.
3. Yassin was a spiritual leader
HonestReporting says that already, CNN has called Yassin a spiritual leader, but then put scare quotes around Israel's reference to him as a "terrorist." Yassin continually called for suicide terrorism as a religious obligation. Yassin was a terrorist mastermind, not a spiritual leader.
4. Israel's strike will bring more Islamic terror to the West
Yassin was always anti-American: on the Hamas website in March 2003 he called on "the Islamic nation" to "strike at Western interests everywhere is Iraq is conquered." And just two weeks ago, Hamas announced its commitment to "the global level of the Islamic world" as the reason for its choosing British suicide bombers to murder Jews at Tel Aviv's Mike's Place in 2003. If the press tries to provoke fear of retribution, remember that fear is what terrorism is all about.
Hey, do ya think Arik read my post (just below)? Yassin's assassination will not get us loved, but it will get the attention of our enemies. They should be afraid to attack us.