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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Shavua Tov

Submitted today to the Boulder Daily Camera

Bill Evans wrote (3/20/04): “Suicide bombers have a reason for their madness. In Israel it is to get the settlers out of their land.”

Suicide bombers do have a reason, or maybe better said, a goal, for their madness. The question is, why don’t they take this goal to the negotiating table and save themselves the trouble of blowing themselves up? They can’t, you see, because their goal is non-negotiable.

In an interview with Oriana Fallaci in 1974, master terrorist Yasser Arafat made it very clear: “The end of Israel is the goal of our struggle, and it allows for neither compromise nor mediation. . . the purpose of this violence is to liquidate Zionism in all its political, economic and military forms, and to drive it out of Palestine forever."

Fallaci: "Conclusion, you don’t at all want the peace that everyone is hoping for."

Arafat: "No! We don’t want peace. We want war, victory. Peace for us means the destruction of Israel and nothing else. . . We will fight until victory. Decades if necessary. Generations.”

And so they have. Over time, Arafat has learned not to speak so directly in English, but to call for jihad only in Arabic. Others of his ilk do not bother to conceal the “reason for their madness.” Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said in January of this year, “The march of resistance will continue until the Islamic flag is raised, not only over the minarets of Jerusalem, but over the whole universe.”

This is what Israel, Iraq -and even Boulder- have in common; we are all “settlers” in this same universe. Senior al Qaeda author Saif al-Din al-Ansari recently wrote: “Just as the requirement to destroy infidel forces was implemented against ancient nations, it will be implemented against the infidel forces of our day. Not one will escape.”

If the Arabs can convince Bill Evans that Israel is “their land” --when a census of the Middle East conducted for Emperor Claudius (49 CE/AD) showed 7 million Jews, six hundred years before a single Muslime ever existed-- then what’s to say they cannot convince him that Boulder, too, is “their land”?

Madness, you say? Never mind, they “have a reason for their madness” – it is the Islamic “requirement to destroy infidel forces.”

Anne Lieberman