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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Three mitzvot for the price of one

Buy this matzah and you will not only be fulfiling the obligations of Pesach,
but also helping the State and the Land of Israel!

JNF and OSEM are once again partnering to support Israel’s land and its economy. For every 5 boxes of OSEM matzah products sold, OSEM will make a donation to JNF to plant a tree in Israel. OSEM will also be advertising JNF's tree planting program and other vital environmental projects, on all Passover and matzah product boxes.

“The Jewish people are looking for ways to support Israel,” said Izzet Ozdogan, President of OSEM USA. “This is a great way to do it - with one purchase you are helping Israel’s economy, fulfilling the obligations of Passover, and planting trees in Israel - three mitzvot for the price of one!”