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Monday, March 29, 2004

Ugh, got this response in Saturday's Daily Camera

to my letter published March 24
PALESTINE: If Arapaho return, who of us will go?

Anne Lieberman's letter of March 24 asks why Palestinian terrorists don't take their goals "to the negotiating table and save themselves the trouble of blowing themselves up?"

It's almost as if Ms. Lieberman has no knowledge of history. After all, it's not like the Israelis haven't planted a few bombs themselves.

In 1946, the future Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, blew up the British-occupied King David Hotel, killing 91 people. Though an act of mass murder, it did serve to hasten the British withdrawal — which led to an independent Israel by 1948. Should Begin be considered a terrorist? According to Ms. Lieberman, terrorists are willing to die for their beliefs. By only making others die for his beliefs, Begin flunked that test. So is a freedom fighter a failed terrorist, or vice versa?

It is really not my intention to demonize the statehood of Israel. My intention is to demonize arrant hypocrisy and the rhetoric that accompanies it.

Ms. Lieberman justifies Israel's claim to Palestine by citing a Roman census taken in 49 A.D. She then suggests that anyone foolish enough to question that claim is willing to cede Boulder to "the Arabs." One has to wonder exactly what kind of logic is being huffed in the Lieberman household — and where such a hypothesis naturally leads.

If Arapaho Indians show up at the Lieberman home tomorrow, point guns at the family, bulldoze the house and order the family into a camp, citing an ancestral right to do so, would the Liebermans go willingly? More to the point, would anyone?


What is huffing? And what does it mean to be accused of huffing logic in my household?

My other favorite bit: "It's almost as if Ms. Lieberman has no knowledge of history."
-- key word here is "almost."

Interesting that this man argues with me, but not with the (three) terrorists I quoted.