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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Or, how I really wouldn't mind events that glorify Arabs,
if only they weren't continually abusing women and children
and murdering innocent civilians all over the world

My son Sam, who is a senior in high school, came in the door just now and told me that the students at his school voted today on a theme for their upcoming prom. Here are the choices they were given by the student council:
1. Hawaiian
2. Renaissance
3. Arabian Nights
I probably don't even need to mention that in Sam's class (the only voting we know of so far), it was almost unanimous for #3.

Dear Gd,

With all due respect, I have some questions:
Why? Why here? Why now? Why us?

I can see the local headline already:
War/Hate/Fear-Mongering Pro-"Israel" Activists Ruin Kids' Fun by Protesting Prom
Stay tuned.