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Thursday, April 08, 2004

And now . . . something truly frightening

by Lee Kaplan, FrontPageMagazine

One wonders why a theocratic totalitarian regime where 30% to 50% of the population is illiterate, and where PhDs teach that Jews use the blood of gentile children to make matzoh, would take such interest in the American educational system instead of their own. Yet the money the Saudis are pouring into our universities and colleges as gifts and endowments is alarming:

King Fahd donated $20 million dollars to set up a Middle East Studies Center at the University of Arkansas;

$5 million was donated to UC Berkeley’s Center For Middle East Studies from two Saudi sheiks linked to funding Al Qaeda;

$2.5 million dollars to Harvard;

$8.1 million dollars to Georgetown including a $500,000 scholarship in the name of President Bush;

$11 million dollars to Cornell;

$1.5 million dollars to Texas A&M;

$5 million dollars to MIT;

$1 million dollars to Princeton;

Rutgers received $5 million dollars to endow a chair as did Columbia which tried to hide where the money came from.

Saudi largesse included UC Santa Barbara; Johns Hopkins; Rice University; American University in Washington, D.C.; University of Chicago; Syracuse University; USC; UCLA; Duke University; and Howard University among many others.

Saudi infiltration works on several levels. By creating new Middle East Studies Centers and such endowed chairs on campuses across the US, the Saudis are able to influence the curriculum taught to the next generation of American students about the Middle East situation as taught at Saudi-funded madrassas both here and abroad. That curriculum is decidedly anti-Western and full of incitement against Christians and Jews. Based not on truth as much as the agenda of the totalitarian regime in power, it “molds” the next generation to hate Israel and to hate America as an “imperialist” or “racist” nation.