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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Antisemitic attacks in Toronto

JTA: Pride of Israel Synagogue - seven stained-glass windows broken

Eitz Chaim school and Bnai Torah Synagogue - vandalized

Bathurst Street - spray-painted swastikas and antisemitic messages at various locations

United Jewish Appeals signs defaced and swastikas painted on a clothing donation box

Bathurst-Lawn Jewish Cemetery - 27 tombstones toppled, benches broken, plaques and menorah torn down

13 Jewish homes and vehicles in Toronto suburb of Thornhill - spray-painted swastikas and hateful messages

Jewish family - telephone hate messages, including death threats

Lubavitch synagogue - pelted with eggs

Construction site - Iranian-born man caught spray-painting hate message [Magen David equals swastika]

Three teenagers have been arrested.

According to a Bnai Brith report, the number of reported antisemitic attacks across Canada has doubled since 2001.