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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

B"H Israeli Security Forces Thwart Pesach Attacks, including AIDS-Infected Bomb

JPost: The Shin Bet and security forces succeeded in thwarting a number of suicide bomb attacks that were to have taken place inside Israel as well as others that were to have been launched against IDF forces and Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. . .

Over the past weeks, over 10 perpetrators were arrested, and 5 major attacks have been prevented, including 3 suicide attacks. In one case, a Balata woman was forced to carry out a suicide attack after being discovered cheating on her husband. Tahanni Khalil, 25 was arrested on March 18, and told investigators she intended to explode in Tel Aviv, thus cleansing her name.

In another triple attack, terrorists were to attack a major city disguised as soldiers. And in another – a bomb was to be tainted with AIDS-infected blood that would infect all those not killed. . .

Details of some of the operations included the arrest of Rami Hafez Abdullah,24, a resident of a village in the Kalkilya area who revealed that the Fatah Tanzim infrastructure in Nablus had planned to launch a suicide attack in Israel with a bomb tainted with Aids-infected blood.

The same infrastructure also planned to abduct an Israeli resident of one of the communities in Samaria and also launch a bomb attack on the Kalkilya Nablus road by placing explosives inside a dead donkey that would be placed at the roadside.

The arrests of a number of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on April 5 thwarted plans by the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Fatah Tanzim to launch a triple suicide bomb attack in Israel. Said Tsalah, 19 who was arrested by security forces at a Gush Katif roadblock revealed that plans were underway to smuggle three suicide bombers posing as Israeli soldiers through a tunnel from the Palestinian-controlled part of Rafah into Egypt, where they were to infiltrate into Israel from the Sinai.

Another arrest on the same day of two Islamic Jihad fugitives at the Rafah crossing revealed plans to launch a suicide bomb attack in Beersheba or Tel Aviv by dispatching the bombers in a similar fashion.

The arrests of other fugitives by security forces in the West Bank revealed that Islamic Jihad and Fatah Tanzim cells based in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus planned to launch a number of suicide bomb attacks also inside Israel and an attempted infiltration into the community of Emmanuel in Samaria using an explosive-laden bus.

Officials noted that the same Tanzim cell, based in the Balata camp, and other cells in Nablus were responsible for numerous attempts including the dispatching of the female suicide bomber who was arrested on March 18.

A joint suicide attack targeting an Israeli restaurant was thwarted thanks to IDF Shin-bet cooperation that led to the arrest of Matkal Shohanna, 20 from Kalkilya, who was to serve as the suicide team's dispatcher.

Officials also noted that between March 28 and April 11, security forces arrested ten fugitives and three suicide bombers, including Tamer Hawira, 16, that were dispatched by the Nablus infrastructure, the same terror network that dispatched the two Palestinian minors last month, arming them with bombs that were to have been detonated near troops deployed at the Hawara roadblock outside the city.