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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

from the Rocky Mountain Palestinian-Loving and Jew-Hating Center in Boulder

The situation in Iraq is but one part of the deadly policies of the Bush Administration; now is the time for us to make the connections. Just last week Bush met with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and lent unilateral U.S. support to his plan to leave settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in tact. A few days later another Palestinian leader was assassinated by the Israeli military, with no sanctions taken by the U.S. The Bush Administration's policies are aggravating an already intolerable crisis, one that could quickly engulf the whole region. Occupation: wrong in Iraq, wrong in Palestine.
So Rantisi was a "Palestinian leader"? wrong.

The aforementioned "already intolerable crisis," according to DEBKA
Bush says a nuclear-armed Iran would pose an intolerable threat to Middle East peace and mortal danger to Israel.

DEBKAfile’s Exclusive Sources reveal: Basra and Riyadh suicide bomb blasts in which up to 100 believed killed Wednesday were synchronized by al Qaeda for its first regional terror offensive.

Third and fourth attacks of series thwarted by Jordanian security’s earlier capture of chemical bomb team from Syria

Weapons were to be delivered to waiting Iraqi guerrillas, first discovered in al Qaeda’s service. Team divided in two for Amman mega-strike and infiltration of Israel through Jordan River Adam Bridge crossing to blow up Israeli target and spread toxic gas or terminal.

At least 9 reported killed, 125 injured in devastation of Saudi General Security building Riyadh by two bomb cars Wednesday. In Basra, many children among 68 killed and hundreds injured, including 5 British soldiers, when four car bombs hit two school buses and four police facilities.

Jerusalem police now attributes Monday’s shooting attack against 20-year old Nir Gil outside his Givat Hamivtar home to Palestinian killer-team terrorizing capital’s northern suburbs. Gil is in serious condition.