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Thursday, April 01, 2004

HAMAS planned to smuggle explosives inside toys;
Fatah terrorist sentenced for plotting murder of Israeli ambassadors

Maariv: A Hamas operative from Nablus was indicted on Wednesday for attempting to smuggle bombs and explosives hidden in stuffed animals in to Israel.

According to the indictment, three weeks prior to his arrest, he received a bomb-belt that was hidden inside a large ‘teddy bear’ doll. The explosive device was supposed to be delivered to a suicide bomber near an East Jerusalem hospital. The plot was foiled after the Nablus operative was arrested on the very day he planned to deliver the belt.

In a separate incident, a Samaria Military Court sentenced a Fatah- Al-Aqsa Brigades operative, Hader Mahmoud Koka, to 18 years in prison Thursday for planning multiple terror attacks. The charges included conspiring to assassinate Israeli ambassadors, plotting to poison drinking water reservoirs and bombing large gas storage sites and planning a large-scale attack at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israeli professor accuses Israel of genocide

"The government of Israel is leading the Middle East to Jihad"
Maariv: "The murder of Sheikh Yassin is part of an Israeli policy that can be described as symbolic genocide". This claim was made by Ben-Gurion University professor Lev Greenberg in a recent article published in the Belgian daily 'La Libre Belgique'.

Greenberg, a member of the university's political sociology department, served as spokesman for the “Yesh Gvul” peace organization in 1982, was imprisoned in 1987 for refusal to serve in the territories, and is an outspoken supporter of soldiers who currently refuse to serve there. Greenberg's article harshly attacks Israeli government policy:
"The only people to suffer from the Holocaust are now performing genocide on the Palestinians", he wrote. It is a criminal act. I appeal to Europe and the international community to save Israel from itself and from its government."

"The government of Israel is asymmetrically liquidating and destroying the Palestinian people. Israel has invented bureaucratic jargon to camouflage its criminal acts: murder becomes targeted killing; occupation and repression are called the peace process. The Palestinians have offered endless cease fires. But Sharon responds by assassinating the democratic leadership of the Palestinian people. The government of Israel is leading the Middle East to Jihad. The world must stop Sharon immediately."
Greenberg's article drew a wave of angered responses from Jews and supporters of Israel in Belgium. Among them were European contributors to Ben-Gurion University who threatened to cut their ties with the institution.

A Ben-Gurion University spokesman responded by saying,
"Freedom of expression and thought form the basis of democratic, Western society, and in a pluralistic institution like Ben-Gurion University, the faculty members represent a variety of opinions and views . . . In academia, researchers must be sensitive to and publicly defend the basic rights of citizens. Nevertheless, the views expressed by Dr. Greenberg are solely his."