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Monday, April 12, 2004

Internet Haganah written up at IPS

I'm so glad to see Aaron Weisburd getting some attention for the good work he does at "Internet Haganah. (I hope it leads to lots of support!) You can read the article, Activists Crusade Against E-Jihad at Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS).
At the forefront of the crusade against jihad sites is Internet Haganah. Founder Aaron Weisburd claims to have facilitated the closure of over 420 jihad sites using a name-and-shame strategy ”to make the Internet an unfriendly environment for jihadists.”

Haganah tracks websites that are linked to Islamic terrorist groups and their leaders, provide instructions to would-be terrorists, or promote the culture of violent jihad. The NGO identifies the site's host, administrators and participants. It then informs the site's ISP about the nature of the website.
Send it to your local papers; maybe they'll pick it up. And send your check or money order to:
A. Aaron Weisburd
Internet Haganah
PMB #239
1809 West Main Street
Carbondale, IL 62901
It's a definite mitzvah.