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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Leaked document: Saddam DID have WMD plans

The Scotsman: SADDAM Hussein had the ability to unleash biological and chemical weapons "at short notice" on foreign nations, according to a potentially explosive new report by inspectors.

The leaked document, written by Charles Duelfer, the new director of the Iraq Survey group, concludes that hard evidence does exist that Saddam had the ability to wreak terror with the weaponry.

Furthermore, there was evidence that he was plotting to expand his facilities last year, prior to the invasion of British and American troops. . .

Duelfer’s report provides what he calls "new information" on Saddam’s military build-up. "Iraq did have facilities suitable for the production of biological and chemical agents needed for weapons. It had plans to improve and expand and even build new facilities," he says in the report, seen by Scotland on Sunday.

Duelfer says he has fresh evidence that long-range ballistic missiles were being tested. He also reveals evidence from a research centre in Iraq where scientists were found to have been apparently testing commercial biopesticide, which can be used as anthrax.

The report is Duelfer’s first since his appointment in February when he took over from David Kay - who quit saying he did not believe there were any large stockpiles of weapons.