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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Letter in today's Daily Camera accuses local Zionists of "promoting ethnic cleansing"

Everyone must have known that Raz 's letter would provoke a response, but Leslie Lomas gets pretty outrageous.
The rabbi didn't use that phrase, but advocated the forcible expulsion of all Palestinians from the Occupied Territories. I call that ethnic cleansing.

The writer says this out of one side of her mouth, while advocating the forcible expulsion of Jews out of the other:

See this ad placed in the Daily Camera Nov. 24, 2002, where Lomas's organization, as well as Lomas personally, publicly stated that
"Steps to peace should include: 1) Israel's withdrawal from the Occupied Territories, including evacuation of the settlements;"

Somebody should ask this lady how she can claim both: that expelling Arabs would constitute "ethnic cleansing," yet expelling Jews would be a "step to peace."

UPDATE: I missed it, but Esther Sarah points out this letter in yesterday's Camera which slams Rabbi Shifren as being "fanatic," advocating "ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people as 'the will of Gd,' " and for not presenting "an objective perspective" - while Chernut, he says, "demonstrated courage." The writer, who describes himself as "a Palestinian," lives in Louisville.