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Friday, April 09, 2004

Letter to Editor, Daily Camera, 4/8/04

"This war in Iraq is all about Israel and has nothing to do with al Qaeda"
MIDDLE EAST: New 'crusade' not good for peace

The debacle in Iraq demonstrates the damage religious fundamentalism can cause. The far right wing in this country wanted a new Crusade and now they have it: radical Islam on one side, Christian fundamentalists on the other.

This war in Iraq is all about Israel and has nothing to do with al-Qaida. There will be no Palestinian-Israeli peace while President Bush is in office. Land for peace is an anathema to the Christian right. They believe the Jews have to dominate all of Palestine for there to be a second coming of Christ.

Land for peace doesn't fit their literal interpretation of the Bible. Fundamentalists don't want to build Palestinian schools or hospitals. They want to eliminate the Palestinians, so Jesus can return.

The Bush foreign policy is a conspiracy involving powerful Christian fundamentalists and Zionists. The right-wingers in the Bush administration want to destroy any country that could possibly interfere with Israel's supposed biblical mandate. The fact that the Jews will have to accept Jesus as their messiah or be forever damned is a minor detail for another day. If Bush is re-elected, we will invade Syria or Iran next. It's part of the Wolfowitz/Bush plan. How many more young Americans will have to die before we say no more?

I imagine this will get a response from Christians, but hullo? where are the Jews?