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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Lisa recommended I get this book. She found it in the Bargain Books section of the Borders bookstore in Huntington, WV for $7.99. I'll be damned if I didn't go to Borders in Boulder today and there it was . . . in the Bargain Books Section. For $7.99. The cover on mine looks a little different than this picture, though; it has Einstein on it.

It's a good reference. Recommended.
While I was in the bookstore, I noticed a large display of anti-Bush books, one even called a "handbook" for Bush-hating. I couldn't figure exactly why it bothered me so much, beyond the obvious. Then I saw Rudy Giuliani's book, Leadership, and realized why the sadness. Bush hatred isn't FOR anything, FOR any qualities or values, except maybe the assertion that violence only leads to more violence (I simply don't believe that).

The lady who works at the Sinclair station in my neighborhood told me today that it's Bush's fault groceries are so expensive. She said, from all she's been reading, he's really scarey. It's like some kind of alternate universe, where people who already hate Bush watch Bush-bashing news on tv and read Bush-bashing newspapers, containing Bush-bashing editorials and "news reports," and then to relax in the evening, they read the handbook. It worries me.