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Thursday, April 15, 2004

MEDIA ALERT: Daily Camera perpetuates misinformation

The Boulder Daily Camera used a Newsday story to describe to us what happened yesterday, when President Bush affirmed Israel's right to settlements in the disputed territories and negated the Palestinians' so-called "right of return."

Here's the first line of that "news story" -
WASHINGTON - In a historic change of position, the United States said Wednesday that Israel should not have to withdraw completely from the West Bank or allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes inside Israel.
Did the United States ever say that Israel had to withdraw completely from the West Bank?

Did the United States ever say that Israel had to accept Palestinian refugees from the territories into its country?

These are merely things the Palestinians have said they want! Yet they have been so legitimized through endless repetition, that people now believe they are part of "history."

"Historic change of position," my ass.
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Newsday's wording bears a noticeable similarity to that of Abed Rabbo, writing at the Palestine Media Center (an official news outlet of the Palestinian National Authority), who says that the U.S. assurances represent "a historic shift" in U.S. policy on the Middle East.

Who's getting their news from whom? Hmmmm?