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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Media is Disgraceful

Just look at what they've dredged up

Picture dated 1969 shows an elderly Palestinian woman
refugee crying after she lost her tent in a storm at the Baqa'a
Agency camp in Jordan. US President George W. Bush said that
Palestinian refugees must settle in an eventual Palestinian state,
essentially saying they must give up the right of return to lands
in Israel (AFP/File)

How does one find this photo? Simply search Yahoo News Photos for "Palestinian".

This is so lame. Not only is the woman in Jordan, but she's crying because her tent blew away in a storm!
Israel couldn't have caused the storm . . . could it?

Oy Vey! The PoorPalestinians! They have to settle in their own state. But, wait, isn't that what they wanted?