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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Monday Morning in the Terror-tories

Palestinians run for cover as Israeli tanks fired at them during clashes
between Israeli soldiers and stone-throwers at Beit Lahya town, in
the northern Gaza Strip, April 20, 2004. Israeli soldiers shot dead a
Palestinian in a confrontation with stone-throwers on Tuesday in the
Gaza Strip, medics said. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem
Meanwhile, according to DEBKA, "missile and mortar fire continue to rain down on Israeli civilian and military locations in Gaza and the western Negev. Three Israelis injured - 2 babies - and heavy damage to Neve Dekalim homes after Monday's 14th Qassam set Nisanit home on fire, injured six.

Read all about how "the state-sponsored terrorism of Ariel Sharon's government only ensures the end of the peace process" in Newsday. Yes, Newsday. The author is a nationally syndicated Palestinian American columnist.

Score 1 for the multiculturalists! And, btw, what peace process?